Iron Deficiency in IBD Xplained


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Iron Deficiency in IBD Xplained

Through storytelling


Medicine X Story

Working as a medical doctor, I realised that far too many people are confused about their diagnoses, their conditions, and their treatments. The language that doctors use, and what every day people understand can be two totally different things.

We believe everyone should feel informed and empowered, so they can engage with their doctors and be involved in making medical decisions. That’s why Medicine X isn’t just another boring and complicated fact sheet – we explain medical issues through stories based on real people! It’s relatable, simple, and gives you the information you need!

We hope this helps you in your journey!


Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair
Founder, Medicine X

About Iron Deficiency in IBD Xplained

Real People

The Iron Deficiency in IBD Xplained story is based on a real person – Luke! It reflects his story, his experiences, and his advice to others. There have also been lots of people who contributed along the way with their stories and advice. Thanks to everyone who helped create Iron Deficiency in IBD Xplained!

Our Team

The MEDICINE X team are doctors, artists, and creative writers who all work to make sure of one thing — the information is easy to understand. No more medical jargon! Everything is correct and up-to-date!


Each of the stories we create is different, so there are experts in the field of IBD that have reviewed the story to ensure it is spot on in terms of medical information. These experts are IBD professionals from all across Australia.

Meet Luke

Hey, I’m Luke! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 14.

I was getting sick off and on all the way through to my early 20s – then I got my iron levels checked, and everything suddenly made sense! Read my story to learn more about your iron levels when you’ve got IBD, and what you can do to help stay in tip-top shape.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Here’s what others are saying about the Iron Deficiency in IBD Xplained story and group

Congratulations! This is very helpful. Hope the story will help many people become aware of such a silent but serious disease.

— Sevtap

What an informative digital story; great resource to explain the interplay between Irritable Bowel Disease and Iron Deficiency!

— Jane

Take the quiz

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when iron deficiency strikes. Take the quiz below to see if you might be experiencing it.

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Are you feeling tired or fatigued?

Are you having trouble concentrating?

Are you breathless?

Are you feeling agitated?

Are you experiencing headaches?

Are you having trouble sleeping?

You may be experiencing symptoms related to iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia. Please see your Doctor for further advice on how to manage these symptoms.

It doesn’t look like you’re experiencing symptoms related to iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia. If you do start to notice any of these symptoms, please see your Doctor for further advice.

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